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Slow Fashion and Sustainability

Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet. Each year, in the US alone, 26 billion pounds of low quality, disposable “fast fashion” garments are dumped in the landfill. The environmental impact of manufacturing that much clothing is equally staggering. The fashion industry produces 5% of the world’s greenhouse gases and is a massive contributor to pollution and global climate change. This model is so destructive and has to change.

Dreaming Amelia Designs is a slow fashion brand. This means a commitment to reducing waste, limiting environmental impact and giving you a lasting collection of clothing that you will love for years.


Dreaming Amelia's commitment to sustainability


Eco-friendly fabrics:

I use eco-friendly fabrics for the streetwear collection, including bamboo rayon and bamboo rayon/organic cotton blends. Bamboo as a crop requires no pesticides, very little irrigation and regenerates in just 55 days making it a highly sustainable source material for fabric.

Clothing that lasts:

The bamboo rayon fabrics used for the streetwear collection are not only some of the most luxurious fabrics you will ever wear, but also make durable garments that wear and wash extremely well. I make sure that every handmade piece of Dreaming Amelia clothing has the highest quality construction and attention to detail. The seams are strong, the fabric is strong and your clothes are made to last!

Timeless styles that work for multiple seasons:

I love to create interesting, stylish and modern clothing that can last beyond the latest fashion fad. Most of the pieces can be worn for multiple seasons and I hope you will still be as excited to wear your Dreaming Amelia clothing years from now as you are today.

Low waste, eco-friendly shipping:

Packing and shipping supplies are chosen with zero waste as the goal. Each order is bound with a recyclable paper ribbon and enclosed, for protection, in a small plastic bag made of 100% recycled materials. Shipping boxes, paper shipping envelopes and merchandise tags are all made from 100% recycled material (95-100% post-consumer content). The packaging is simple, beautiful and fully protects the clothes during shipping, without adding unnecessary waste.

Re-purposed fabrics, recycled materials:

As little in the landfill as possible! Fabric scraps from garment construction are saved and used in other projects or given to other sewists. Everything that can be recycled, is. Plastic waste that cannot be recycled (thread spools, etc.) is donated to craft groups or organizations that will re-purpose them.

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